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It is difficult, except for a man of skill, to tune so many strings.

Gioseffo Zarlino’s Le Istitutioni Harmoniche (1558)
after Andrea Alciato’s epigram in
Emblematum Liber (1531)



Since I started studying musical temperaments, still as an undergraduate student, I felt frustrated to not have at my disposal an instrument I could try for myself, on my own time, what I was learning theoretically. The closest aural approach I had at that time was with a dozen of my colleagues sitting around a harpsichord trying to figure out what our professor was indicating.

From that experience, I wondered how I could overcome this situation and came up with the idea of creating a digital tool to help music students in their learning of tuning and temperaments.

After looking for some apps that allow tuning and microtonal scale settings, like Johnson Intonation Trainer (back to the 60s!), Silent Way or Scale Tuner, I saw none of them support the possibility of different tunings in different octaves easily and quickly.

Keyboard Tuner was then designed to be a full tunable keyboard, allowing the tuning and playing simultaneously to emulate a real keyboard instrument. In addition to being a basic tool of hearing intervals, it can also be used for creating microtonal scales and customizing any temperament.

    Fernando Oliveira
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